Feasibility Study

Considering to extend or develop?...

I can transfer your initial ideas and thoughts into simple sketch plans, elevations and 3d visuals.

The information produced will be used as a discussion tool with the local authority to establish whether the proposals would be acceptable prior to submitting a formal planning application.

Building Survey

Before the design stage, a full measured survey of the existing property is required. This involves noting down accurate measurements of the property accompanied with a photographic study.


Need planning permission to extend?...

Once the design has been finalised - plans, elevations and a 3D model (optional extra) will be prepared and issued to the local authority planning department as a formal planning application.

Building Regulations
After planning permission has been granted, the next stage is to develop the planning drawings into detailed building regulation drawings. Depending on the complexity of the build I will liaise with the necessary consultants to ensure a complete set of comprehensive building regulation drawings are prepared and submitted to building control.

Tender Specification

I can prepare a detailed services plan layout showing the position of all electrics and lighting. This comprehensive specification accompanied with the detailed drawings will allow a select number of builders to price for the works, ensuring you are getting a more accurate cost.

Architectural Visuals

Clients that are proposing to develop a site often request a visual to increase the chance of success of the planning application. The visual brings the proposal to something that is much more tangible enabling the client, planners or neighbours to fully understand and appreciate the proposal.

3D Model

Cant visualise the extension or understand plans?.....

Using a 3d modelling software I can develop plans into a 3d model. The model can be used to help you understand the external appearance and internal spaces of the building.